Thames Delta World Service #6 - The Sixth

It's been 10 weeks, but here is the sixth. Re-issue laden, Horrors cover versions heavy...also with Two Tom Waits, Coldplay, Nirvana, U2, Depeche Mode doing U2, the Beach Boys, Bjork, Ryan Adams, BPBilly, The Band, Blake/Bon Iver, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Brett Anderson and the Manics. 

Download or listen here.....

The Horrors - Suffragette City

Here's the Horrors doing Bowie. If Bahaus had been a quarter of this good all those years ago then their Ziggy cover version might not make me want to vomit.

tHE pLAYLIST125102011

Hi. As promised, the Playlist. #1. 10 songs, no gaps, no jibber jabber, all recently acquired on actual CD, no dodgy downloads.

And the songs are -

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – AKA…What A Life!
Richard Hawley - The Ellan Vannin Tragedy (Featuring Smoke Fairies)
The Band – The Weight
Depeche Mode – So Cruel (U2 Cover)
Billy Joel – It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me
Brian Eno – Another Green World
Tom Waits – Bad As Me
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Cherry Came Too
Coldplay (feat. Rihanna) – Princess Of China
Christina Aguilera – I’m OK

Also, me missus tells me there are a load of european Depeche Mode fans with no access to the new DM track other than youtube. So for them here is that track in CD quality. Don't thank me, thank Bono. Back soon with the first Thames Delta Guest Service (courtesy of Martha).

WAV download of Depeche Mode - So Cruel (U2 Cover)

What is to come and what shall be....

Hi. I been a bit quiet on the internet front recently, I find facebook a bit depressing and just wanted to forget all about it for a while. I am back if not fully engaged in it yet.....However, I still got tha music in me. And giving it some some thought, and now that I been at it a little while I have have a clearer image of what I want to do on my blog page. So coming soon....

1 - The Playlist - a new podcast, hopefully fairly regular. 10 songs only, no jibber jabber, music only, with some rules. Firstly, I gotta own the track legitimately, so no dodgy downloads. Secondly, it should be a track I have recently acquired, or a least am heavily into at the moment.

2 - The Thames Delta Guest Service - a TDWS type podcast but musically compiled by someone else. My daughter Martha got the ball rolling, and other family members might pop up, and anyone else who wants to provide a playlist, 10-15 tracks long. I'll do the nattering you just tell me what to play.

3 - The Thames Delta World Service - The full monty, carrying on from no.5 a couple of months back. The I don't care where it comes from I just gotta like it stylee. I'll try and sound a bit more natural, less scripted, less wiki-sourced.

So, if anyone wants to provide a playlist you know where to get me, in the meantime, the no bollocks 'Playlist #1' on it's way soon. I am trying to engage with the world again....

Thames Delta World Service #5 - Unplugged-ish

Here is TDWS#5 - Singer/Songwriter acoustically heavyish....featuring Beck, Ryan Adams taking on Iron Maiden, Weller/The Jam, Paul Simon, Hard-Fi, Motorhead/Madness beer tunes, KLF/Tammy, Neneh Cherry, Gene, The Smiths, Arcade Fire, Womack & Womack, RG Morrison, Blitzen Trapper,  Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mickey Newbury, Broooce, Gram Parsons, Noel Gallagher, Amy Winehouse, Scritti Politti and Pink Floyd. If you listen, I hope you enjoy.

Download or play here.

Back To The Future - Mojo's 50 Pre Punk 70's Tracks

The current issue of ‘Mojo’ magazine contains an article by ‘England’s Dreaming’ author Jon Savage, essentially a 50 track countdown of 70’s pre punk but punk in spirit tracks. Here they are, the real bonus track is the Imperial Dogs one, but I’ve finished making this now, so Devo’ll have to go down as the bonus! Some of the source material is a little scratchy but the energy never abates…..Full track listing below the downloads....
Part One - Back To The Future - Mojo's 50 Pre Punk 70's Tracks
Part Two - Back To The Future - Mojo's 50 Pre Punk 70's Tracks
Bonus Track - Devo - Jocko Homo (Live 1975)

Part One
1 MC5 - Looking At You
2 Gong - Rational Anthem
3 Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out
4 The Stooges - T.V. Eye
5 Black Sabbath - Paranoid
6 Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen
7 Amon Duul II - Archangel's Thunderbird
8 The Flamin' Groovies - Slow Death
9 Pink Fairies - Do It
10 Groundhogs - Cherry Red
11 Stack Waddy - Rosalyn
12 Lucifer - Fuck You
13 The Modern Lovers - Walk Up The Street
14 Lou Reed - Vicious
15 T.Rex - Solid Gold Easy Action
16 Hawkwind - Silver Machine (Original Single Version)
17 The Sweet - Blockbuster
18 Roxy Music - Do The Strand
19 The New York Dolls - Trash
20 David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
21 Mott The Hoople - Crash Street Kids
22 Brian Eno - Seven Deadly Finns
23 The Residents - N-er-gee (Crisis Blues)
24 John Cale - Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
25 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - The Hot City Symphony

Part Two
26 Kilburn & The Highroads - Rough Kids
27 Sparks - At Home At Work At Play
28 The Imperial Dogs - This Ain't The Summer Of Love (Live 30th October 1974)
29 Patti Smith - Hey Joe
30 Dr Feelgood - I Don`t Mind
31 Neu! - Hero
32 Suicide - Creature Feature
33 Peter Hammill - Nadir's Big Chance
34 The Dictators - Master Race Rock
35 Rocket From The Tombs - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
36 George Brigman - Jungle Rot
37 Television - Little Johnny Jewel (Parts 1&2)
38 Crème Soda - (I'm) Chewing Gum
39 Heldon - Mechammment Rock
40 The Ramones - Judy Is A Punk (Demo)
41 The Count Bishops - Teenage Letter
42 The Electric Eels - Cyclotron (Giganto)
43 Pere Ubu -Final Solution
44 Death - Politicians In My Eyes
45 Debris - One Way Spit
46 The 101’ers - Keys To Your Heart
47 Nick Lowe - Heart Of The City
48 The Saints - (I'm) Stranded.
49 Eddie & The Hot Rods - Teenage Depression
50 Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation
Bonus Track – Devo – Jocko Homo (Live 1975)
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For the full article and individual track write ups see the September 2011 issue of 'Mojo'

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The Death Of You And Me

Here is Noel Gallaghers forthcoming solo effort. Get past the obvious 'Importance of Being Idle'isms and you're left with a latter day Gallagher classic. Can't wait for the album.

Thames Delta World Service #4 - Random tunes and covers and others

Here is TDWS#4 - Some random tunes, some covers and others. This encompasses Dennis Wilson, Beck, William Elliott Whitmore, Ryan Adams, Siouxsie, Geldof, R.E.M., The Jam vs. Rebecca Black, New Order BlackSand Extension, The Horrors, Cat's Eyes, Dire Straits (!!), The Bee Gees (!), Spiritualized, The Zombies, kd lang, Spearhead, Rufus Wainwright and FGTH. I hope you enjoy.(there is an error at the start, it happens 3 or 4 times then all is ok).

Download or play here.

Please also check out -

TDWS4 - The Intentions Are There

Not sorted a playlist yet, but aiming to record and post later today....will include The Jam, Siouxsie, William Elliott Whitmore amongst others.

Nicole Atkins - Daytrotter Session - featuring 'Hotel Plaster'

I played 'Hotel Plaster' about a month ago on TDWS#2, and within this session is a great version recorded over a year before its official release, and a fine session overall it is too. Go check it out.

Thames Delta World Service #3 11/06/11 - Now....

Something for the weekend? Through a fog of 'technical issues' here is #3. Featuring an exclusive Josh T Pearson 'Mute Songs' session from the the Mute ShortCircuit weekend at the Roundhouse, a couple of live 'Low' gems, Bon Iver, Nick Cave, Muse, GayDad, William Elliot Whitmore, Queen with tribute, Suede, Radiohead, Ellen and the Escapades, Arctic Monkeys, The The, New Order, Villagers, Led Zeppelin and Kate Bush.

Play or download here (to download click on the word 'share' then click on 'link to mp3', or cut and paste the download link into your browsers address window).

Thames Delta World Service #3 - Friday 10/06/2011 - 6:00pm

Recorded and in the can, something for the weekend? Bit of uploading trouble, but this is when it'll pop out. Featuring an exclusive Josh T Pearson 'Mute Songs' session from the the Mute ShortCircuit weekend at the Roundhouse, a couple of live 'Low' gems, Bon Iver, Nick Cave, Muse, GayDad, William Elliot Whitmore, Queen with tribute, Suede, Radiohead, Ellen and the Escapades, Arctic Monkeys, The The, New Order, Villagers, Led Zeppelin and Kate Bush.

Thames Delta World Service #3 - Soon

Who knows who she'll make me
As I lie in her cocoon
But the world will surely heal my ills
I'm warm and terrified

Josh T Pearson - The Roundhouse, Mute Short Circuit 14/05/2011

Josh's set was billed as 'Mute Songs' and he duly performed Erasure, Moby and Depeche Mode covers and as well as some of his own very fine 'Mute' songs. Here are video's of 'Sorry With A Song' and an audio only vid of Josh's version of Depeche's 'Enjoy The Silence'. I was on backing vocals, although you could say that about the hundred other people in the room!

Caught outside the venue at Glasvegas by Winkball, before and after. Obvioulsy I meant to say 'Euphoria, Take My Hand' in the first one, but I've long since given up trying to remember actual song titles/tracklists etc....

David Bowie - The Drowned Girl (Lyrics & Video)

Once she had drowned and started her slow descent
Down the streams to where the great rivers broaden
Oh, the opal sky shone most magnificent
As if it was acting as her body's guardian
Wreck and duck weed slowly increased her weight
By clasping her in their slimy grip
Through her limbs, the cold blooded fishes played
Creatures and plant life kept on, thus obstructing her last trip

And the sky that same evening grew dark as smoke
And its stars through the night kept the brightness still soaring
But it quickly grew clear when dawn now broke
To see that she got one further morning
Once her pallid trunk had rotted beyond repair
It happened quite slowly that she gently slipped from God's thoughts
First with her face, then her hands, right at the last with her hair
Leaving those corpse-choked rivers just one more corpse

Thames Delta World Service #2 29/04/2011

So here is the 2nd ‘Thames Delta World Service’ podcast. It all gets a bit mellow, but there’s a big disco blast off! You can expect, Richard Hawley singing from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, Suede, Villagers, Radiohead, James Blake, Cat’s Eyes, Underworld, Southend music scene glitterati’s Phil Burdett, Phillious Williams and Dave Woodcock, Luther Vandross, Ray LaMontagne, Iron & Wine, Nicole Atkins, PJ Harvey, Roddy Frame, Madeleine Peyroux, The Decemberists and an (Arctic) Monkey.  I do hope you’ll enjoy.

Next month, true life Pop Stories, How Kylie kicked me out of bed at 2.50am and how Bobby Gillespie spent a gig between my wife’s thighs!

Play it here, click on DivShare to download, click on download, count to fifteen, then click on download again….....

Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs - You Are The Best Thing (Tour Version) Pt 2

To follow up on the previous post, here is a great. well recorded version, from the US TV show, Live From The Artists Den.

Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs - You Are The Best Thing (Tour Version)

Great version of this song, I desperately need a good, well recorded copy, in the meantime, this is pretty fine.

Ray LaMontagne - (((artists den))) - I wish I was in America

I wish I was a Yankee Doodle Dandy so's I could watch the full thing this weekend, tape it, listen to it etc....
But I ain't, I am an Essex boy.

Thames Delta World Service #1 The Third Take

Well, I've worked away feverishly at it, here it is. The mic wasn't great, me even less so, but I enjoyed making it and I will do it again. Please listen....put it on your iPod, listen in the car, on the train etc...If anyone has anything nice to say I'd like that, my little ego can't handle negative. It includes, EBTG, Bowie, Skids, Josh T Pearson, Maria McKee, Ferry, Simple (Kid & Minds), Hold Steady, Mayer Hawthorne, Dr. Feelgood, Peter Bruntnell, CW Stoneking, Springsteen, Stray Cats, the Rats, The Manics and a very short clip of me very pissed (take 2). I would hope you enjoy, if you don't, c'est la vie.....

Play it here, click on DivShare to download, click on download, count to fifteen, then click on downlown again....

3rd time lucky?

We'll, the first attempt at recording a podcast was OK, but me mic was rubbish. Tried again with same mic, still rubbish, a shame, as my daughter Martha contributed too and I was well hammerred on Makers Mark, there was decent if slurred chat. But unuseable. Got a better mic now, tested it, it's fine. Need to re-record etc and then it'll be up.

Still new at this, but I am getting there.

Richard Hawley - Hushabye Mountain (Teddy Boys Picnic 2010)

This may well be a 'kids' song, but if you're a 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' AND a Richard Hawley fan, how could you not like this?

One more hurdle to jump....

Well, I've picked me songs, fairly diverse which is an aim, but not as diverse as it could be, I promise to mix it up more further on. No theme, though there are a couple of pairs from people I'll be seeing in London early summer (CW Stoneking and Josh T Pearson), some bands linked by (and) their influences (Hold Steady, Boomtown Rats, Brooooce), a couple of Simple's (Kid and Minds), something soulful (Mayer Hawthorne) and some genuine Thames Delta r'n'b. Amongst others. All I gotta do now is make it and work out how to post it...... 

Thames Delta World Service, broadcasting sometime imminently....

This is not a blues page, though that kind of thing won't be barred. This is a podcast shopfront, it'll be varied, unpredictable, random and freeeee, the first one will be soon, peace X.