Podrophenia - Bowie Special on Radio Nova Lujon.

Listen to this, tonight at 9.00 - Should be good!

'Commencing countdown engines on – for a Podrophenia Bowie special or Bowiephenia you could say..

So what’s in our Velvet Goldmine of glittering goodies. Exclusive covers from The Wolfmen, the Southend Allstars and a list of other legends and listeners. Dave Woodcock joins us for live music. And behold – a preview of the due-soon Eight Rounds Rapid secret single. Our first release on the Podrophenia label. Come on all you young (and not so young) dudes, Moonage Daydreamers and Lady Stardusts – lean back on your Radio Nova Lujon for some cat’s layin’ down some rock ‘n’ roll.

Join us at Novalujon – live from 9. Or swing by the Facebook page and say hello…'

Listen Here - 

30.05.12 Podrophenia Bowie Special

Thames Delta World Service - #13 - 10/05/2013

As promised, a new podcast. A fine eclectic mix of old and new, pop and alternative, randomness and method. Featuring, Villagers sing Bowie, Scott4, Billie Holiday, Communards, Dexys 2013 style, two Richards, The Strokes, James Blake, The Horrors, Dave Woodcock, Ed Harcourt, Lana Del Rey, Jack White, Belle & Sebastian, Peace, Karl Hyde, [Strangers], Iron & Wine & the Beach Boys, Luke Hanies/The Auteurs and Bill Ryder-Jones. Listen on the player below or click on the download link.

12/05/2013 - It seems the player below isn't working properly. Click on the podsnack link to listen to it online or the mediafire link to download. Apologies.


Download Here.


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The Man done me in....

Not been on here for a while. The man put me in a strop. He got pissed off with my Bowie 'The Next Day' review sharing from glossy mags and closed down my file hosting/sharing service. And all I was doing was getting excited for the new album, and sharing that excitement. Still my own review has had a few hundred views. Also I've decided to stop sulking. New podcast is ready to go. Just trying out a new host, and we'll be there. Que sera....