tHE pLAYLIST125102011

Hi. As promised, the Playlist. #1. 10 songs, no gaps, no jibber jabber, all recently acquired on actual CD, no dodgy downloads.

And the songs are -

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – AKA…What A Life!
Richard Hawley - The Ellan Vannin Tragedy (Featuring Smoke Fairies)
The Band – The Weight
Depeche Mode – So Cruel (U2 Cover)
Billy Joel – It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me
Brian Eno – Another Green World
Tom Waits – Bad As Me
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Cherry Came Too
Coldplay (feat. Rihanna) – Princess Of China
Christina Aguilera – I’m OK

Also, me missus tells me there are a load of european Depeche Mode fans with no access to the new DM track other than youtube. So for them here is that track in CD quality. Don't thank me, thank Bono. Back soon with the first Thames Delta Guest Service (courtesy of Martha).

WAV download of Depeche Mode - So Cruel (U2 Cover)

What is to come and what shall be....

Hi. I been a bit quiet on the internet front recently, I find facebook a bit depressing and just wanted to forget all about it for a while. I am back if not fully engaged in it yet.....However, I still got tha music in me. And giving it some some thought, and now that I been at it a little while I have have a clearer image of what I want to do on my blog page. So coming soon....

1 - The Playlist - a new podcast, hopefully fairly regular. 10 songs only, no jibber jabber, music only, with some rules. Firstly, I gotta own the track legitimately, so no dodgy downloads. Secondly, it should be a track I have recently acquired, or a least am heavily into at the moment.

2 - The Thames Delta Guest Service - a TDWS type podcast but musically compiled by someone else. My daughter Martha got the ball rolling, and other family members might pop up, and anyone else who wants to provide a playlist, 10-15 tracks long. I'll do the nattering you just tell me what to play.

3 - The Thames Delta World Service - The full monty, carrying on from no.5 a couple of months back. The I don't care where it comes from I just gotta like it stylee. I'll try and sound a bit more natural, less scripted, less wiki-sourced.

So, if anyone wants to provide a playlist you know where to get me, in the meantime, the no bollocks 'Playlist #1' on it's way soon. I am trying to engage with the world again....