Thames Delta World Service #1 The Third Take

Well, I've worked away feverishly at it, here it is. The mic wasn't great, me even less so, but I enjoyed making it and I will do it again. Please listen....put it on your iPod, listen in the car, on the train etc...If anyone has anything nice to say I'd like that, my little ego can't handle negative. It includes, EBTG, Bowie, Skids, Josh T Pearson, Maria McKee, Ferry, Simple (Kid & Minds), Hold Steady, Mayer Hawthorne, Dr. Feelgood, Peter Bruntnell, CW Stoneking, Springsteen, Stray Cats, the Rats, The Manics and a very short clip of me very pissed (take 2). I would hope you enjoy, if you don't, c'est la vie.....

Play it here, click on DivShare to download, click on download, count to fifteen, then click on downlown again....


  1. Nice work Ian. A varied collection of tunes, some I knew, some I didn't - Simple Kid was the highlight of the 'unknown' section. Bowie track the biggest shock!

    Keep 'em coming. Our new one goes live tomorrow.


  2. Ian, I listened to this at work today. I really enjoyed it, I like the eclectic mix of stuff, and the way it jumps around from decade to decade. Stonking start, and great last track too. Absolutely Barking Stars is my favourite Mckee track, but she's great. I thought that Kiwi that you had a fling with for a few weeks last summer was typical you, sounds like he's had a few beers with Waits. Liked it though.
    Surprised to hear you say that The Smiths are one of those bands that are untouchable when it comes to covers, you being a fan of Frank Sidebottom and all. Tsk tsk. Nice cover though, not too far from the original, but just enough to make it worthwhile. I remember Jeff Buckley doing a decent version of The Boy With the Thorn in His Side totally acapella. But he then he had a pretty decent voice didn't he. I can't really make my mind up with Toy, I can see why it's languished in the vaults for so long, having said that though I do like Uncle Floyd. Anyway good start, looking forward to the next one.