Thames Delta World Service #2 29/04/2011

So here is the 2nd ‘Thames Delta World Service’ podcast. It all gets a bit mellow, but there’s a big disco blast off! You can expect, Richard Hawley singing from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, Suede, Villagers, Radiohead, James Blake, Cat’s Eyes, Underworld, Southend music scene glitterati’s Phil Burdett, Phillious Williams and Dave Woodcock, Luther Vandross, Ray LaMontagne, Iron & Wine, Nicole Atkins, PJ Harvey, Roddy Frame, Madeleine Peyroux, The Decemberists and an (Arctic) Monkey.  I do hope you’ll enjoy.

Next month, true life Pop Stories, How Kylie kicked me out of bed at 2.50am and how Bobby Gillespie spent a gig between my wife’s thighs!

Play it here, click on DivShare to download, click on download, count to fifteen, then click on download again….....


  1. Bobbie Gillespie did indeed spend a gig between mum's thighs but Kylie did most certainly not kick you out of bed at 2.50am...... you wish!

    ...And you wish even more that she hadn't!


  2. Both stories are true. To a certain degree.

  3. Damn I don't know the Kylie story, so you'll have to tell all next time. I listened to TDWS #2 yesterday, obviously now that I come to write what I thought I can't think what there was to mention. Grrr. I loved that soul/funk track that kicked the whole thing off, thought the Radiohead remix was wonderful, realised that it's time to dog through those old Suede b-sides again too. Kinda shocked just how good Phil Burdett's pipes are, quite liked him and remember him from around town back in the 90's. I wanted to ask you about the Damon Albarn chappie, I loved that first track but wasn't keen on the second, how is the album?
    More than anything though you need to up your mic level so that I don't have to turn you up and the music down all the time. I'm not sure how it works in Audacity, but maybe you can go back and boost your voice afterwards? Anyway looking forward to part 3.

  4. Thanks Gary. The soul/funk thing was a biggie back in the Our Price days. Glad you liked my Radiohead remix. Phil's still going strong, he's releasing three CD's this year! Dave Woodcock I've only come across recently, the albums good, mail me your adress and I'll run you a copy off. I'm gonna try something different with the voice levels next time, still need a better mic though. Thanks for comments. I'm gonna listen to your latest one on Saturday. Looking forward to it.

  5. I thought of Lol Levine when you mentioned the Essex connection with that opening track. :D Let me see if I can hunt down a copy of the Dave Woodcock album (he must have a myspace or something), it's a shame I won't be able to say I bought it since the lady selling them was well stacked though.
    One thing I did think of this time is there was less chat it seems, I like me chat on a podcast. I think that must be the tricky part getting a balance between music & talk. Still since we both have the problem of no one to bounce off of I think we do alright.