Thames Delta World Service #3 - Soon

Who knows who she'll make me
As I lie in her cocoon
But the world will surely heal my ills
I'm warm and terrified

Josh T Pearson - The Roundhouse, Mute Short Circuit 14/05/2011

Josh's set was billed as 'Mute Songs' and he duly performed Erasure, Moby and Depeche Mode covers and as well as some of his own very fine 'Mute' songs. Here are video's of 'Sorry With A Song' and an audio only vid of Josh's version of Depeche's 'Enjoy The Silence'. I was on backing vocals, although you could say that about the hundred other people in the room!

Caught outside the venue at Glasvegas by Winkball, before and after. Obvioulsy I meant to say 'Euphoria, Take My Hand' in the first one, but I've long since given up trying to remember actual song titles/tracklists etc....

David Bowie - The Drowned Girl (Lyrics & Video)

Once she had drowned and started her slow descent
Down the streams to where the great rivers broaden
Oh, the opal sky shone most magnificent
As if it was acting as her body's guardian
Wreck and duck weed slowly increased her weight
By clasping her in their slimy grip
Through her limbs, the cold blooded fishes played
Creatures and plant life kept on, thus obstructing her last trip

And the sky that same evening grew dark as smoke
And its stars through the night kept the brightness still soaring
But it quickly grew clear when dawn now broke
To see that she got one further morning
Once her pallid trunk had rotted beyond repair
It happened quite slowly that she gently slipped from God's thoughts
First with her face, then her hands, right at the last with her hair
Leaving those corpse-choked rivers just one more corpse