Audacious 2013 - Thames Delta World Service - The Best Of 2013

Well, I compiled it a month ago, burnt it to CD three weeks ago and recorded the podcast one week ago. Now finally having overcome PC migration I’m posting it online. This is for the large part my favourite music of 2013. 

Mr David Bowie clearly owned the year despite dodgy marketing shenanigans; hence there are two tracks here, the passing of time defying titular track and stately comeback single. Laura Marling’s fourth album was a masterpiece, and live performance at the Secret Cinema enhanced event was a live highlight of the year, augmented by Eddie Berman and a Bruce Springsteen cover. Eddies own ‘Ruby’ was a showstopper on the night. Returning with great albums were John grant, Arcade Fire and the Strokes, breaking free with a solo delights was Underworld’s Karl Hyde. Making a proper comeback were Suede who released a great album and some great tracks in support of singles, or whatever passes as singles these days. James Blake won the Mercury Music Prize with an album that was actually very good. Marc Almond had an interesting quasi classical release and great pop single. He starts this year with an interesting quasi classical piece and a great pop EP. Fellow 80’s electro pop survivor Alison Moyet brought out a possible career high in the form of electro pop LP ‘The Minutes’. Peace made a barnstorming debut LP and Villagers released a classy second LP. Local band/singer Phillious Williams had a couple of great albums available within a few months. The Pixies released a classy EP, and have already this year let loose another classy EP. Ed Harcourt released a spontaneous rush recorded LP and this year has already seen a great mini LP and my first musical fixation of the year as I have delved back into his past. I Am Kloot continued their fine run of releases and Bill Ryder-Jones made an understated masterpiece. Song of the year for me came from indie rising stars Wolf Alice, very much looking forward to their debut album. And American songstress Alela Dianne made a mellow/morose classic. 

Releasing fine albums but not making my review were most notably My Bloody Valentine and Depeche Mode. Looking forward this year already to Damon Albarn, Nicole Atkins, Dave Woodcock, Phil Burdett, Kylie and  2014 has already seen another great album from Bruce Springsteen. 

Gig wise, saw a few mega gigs (the o2), Depeche x2, Fleetwood Mac and Mott. Laura Marling was great and Wilko at Village Green ripped it up. The Strypes and the 45’s showed that kids today can do good things. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things, but you know, age does that. Here’s to 2014.