Richard Jobson - The Speed Of Life

A book about two aliens coming to Earth to seek David Bowie was always going to appeal to me. That it’s cover is a homage to ‘Low’ makes the deal sweeter. That said book is written by Richard Jobson, poet, filmmaker and vocalist and lyricist of punk/new wave legends Skids is the cherry on top of the trifle. It is a bit of a slow burner though I tore through the last quarter of the book today on a couple of commuter level train journeys. The story is presented in a no chapter mode and is well thought out and framed, though lacking a little in originality when it comes to plot twists. After finishing it though I can heartily say I enjoyed it, and if you’ve a passing interest in Bowie, Sci-Fi or Skids or Jobbo then it’s well worth investigating. 

You can get it here…

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