David Bowie - (1947 - 2016 - 20??)

Words fail me but I'll try anyway. Just 2 days ago I posted a review of 'Blackstar' and referred to it as a career high for David Bowie. No one is immortal but I can't believe that Bowie is now gone. I like a lot of music, of all types. Bowie performed virtually all of those types. He had his low points, his wilderness years and his comeback of the last three years has been particularly joyous and rewarding. Finding out that a large part of this was undertaken whilst he was aware of his own time on the planet coming to an end is difficult to compute. It certainly throws a different light on some of the lyrics to songs recently released. I've read a lot this mourning of people feeling like they've lost a family member. Thoughts are with Bowies actual family, his young child, his wife, all of them. As for his extended family of fans, listen to the music, read some books, watch some films and videos. One of the world’s most inventive and clever and thorough and thoughtful artists has finished creating. His music has sound tracked my life, right now it feels like it is my life. I'll never stop listening to Bowie or being dumbstruck by the stature of the man. There are no more words. Here are David Bowie's final recorded words. 

I know something is very wrong
The pulse returns the prodigal sons
The blackout hearts, the flowered news
With skull designs upon my shoes
I can't give everything

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