Thames Delta World Service - #13 - 10/05/2013

As promised, a new podcast. A fine eclectic mix of old and new, pop and alternative, randomness and method. Featuring, Villagers sing Bowie, Scott4, Billie Holiday, Communards, Dexys 2013 style, two Richards, The Strokes, James Blake, The Horrors, Dave Woodcock, Ed Harcourt, Lana Del Rey, Jack White, Belle & Sebastian, Peace, Karl Hyde, [Strangers], Iron & Wine & the Beach Boys, Luke Hanies/The Auteurs and Bill Ryder-Jones. Listen on the player below or click on the download link.

12/05/2013 - It seems the player below isn't working properly. Click on the podsnack link to listen to it online or the mediafire link to download. Apologies.

Download Here.

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