Postcard from Aztec Camera

They may have been active for 15 years but they only released 6 albums during their lifetime. All of Aztec Camera’s albums have now been re-issued by current re-issue kings Edsel and main man Roddy Frame has only had a handful of (quality) releases in the 17 years that have followed since, but nowhere have I been able to find the bands two early singles on the legendary Glasgow indie label Postcard Records collected in one place and given the polish up they deserve. So here, unpolished, direct from YouTube, are the four sides of those singles with a couple of bonus tracks, ‘Hot Club of Christ’ from 1982’s Belgian label Le Disques Du Crepuscule Xmas release, “Ghosts of Christmas Past” and a 1984 live version of Postcard track ‘Mattress Of Wire’. Also from you tube, the NME C81 version of we could send letters.

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