Thames Delta World Service #8 - Everyone's Talking About Bowie

Everyone’s Talking About Bowie…..or at least it’s felt like it recently, probably because of the Ziggy 40th anniversary but also because of the general greatness of the man and his music. A word of warning, this podcast is about a century long (1hr 45m anyway) and I talk far too much in it, but it's about David Bowie, what’d you expect? These are (possibly) my favourite Bowie songs, I’m not saying they are ‘the’ best, everyone should make up their own mind, but these are the ones that keep dragging me back or keep me up late when I could really do with going to bed. I’d love to know what you think of them.
You can hear the podcast here….

Or download it here….
Whilst making the podcast I made a CD of the songs, and here is the first ever TDWS competition. If you'd like the CD pictured below (though I won’t be giving away the mag) send me your e-mail address either via Facebook, this site or my own e-mail, and I’ll pull a winner out at random and send it anywhere in the world. I might even make a cover for it.

In the podcast I mention a latter day Bowie compilation I keep in my car which I entitled ‘Angels Of The Aftermath’. This is the tracklisting and my iTunes artwork for it.
I’ll be back soon with a more bite sized podcast with far less talking and I promise, no Bowie.


  1. Yay, I'm really chuffed to hear this. I'll have at it tomorrow. I see there's some podcasts that I've missed too, so I'll be back for them soon.

  2. Listened to it today. Absolutely loved it, great chat, don't put yourself down either. I wanted more talk (and songs). I think you could easily do a part two to this. I knew you'd pick Teenage Wildlife just because I remember you loving it so much 20 years ago. I was trying to second guess what you were going to play all the way through. I thought Absolute Beginners would be above Loving the Alien though. Great to hear a Bowie fan that can see where the Dame has gone wrong too. I honestly could have listened to another hour. Really good selection.

  3. Thanks Gary, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reposting too. I wasn't really putting myself down, just being self depreciating in a hopefully humourous way. Did you like the 'Breaking Glass' live megamix?

  4. Ah that's good to hear, it's the stories that make it worth the listen after all. I really enjoyed the faster second version (having never heard it played that way before). I love Stage, it's my favourite Bowie live album, especially the reissue where the running order was restored to that of the original set list.